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Recently I purchased one of these units, so as to keep track of my general weight and health.


However, I discovered not only was the software Windows-only, but it didn't really match my requirements. A few people have already decoded the format:


I've taken this information and stuffed it into a handy little PHP script, so that anybody on Windows, MacOS, Linux or any OS can access the data. I've also included the other format mentioned in that link, although I've not been able to test that so it might be wrong. If you're a single user, the script will turn your data file into a CSV, if you have multiple users, a ZIP file will be created containing each person's CSV file.

Select your body data file:

Don't worry - no data will be saved or anything. It's simply parsed, a CSV is generated and then it's gone.

1) none of the values calculated are included, only what's actually in the file, so you'll need to add BMI/etc. to your spreadsheets using calculations directly!
2) dates are in European format (DD/MM/YYYY)

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