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BogleCMS is a basic content management system. It consists of only a single script to manage editing pages, with a second script providing configuration information. It uses Text_Wiki, HTML_Template_Flexy and DB from the PEAR project to provide it wiki-style formatting, template support and database access.


  • Hierarchically create pages
  • Plugin interface to add dynamic content via extra PHP scripts
  • Basic multi-user support
  • Simple to use template interface
  • Easy to add and update pages


  • Store time pages were added/altered
  • Store who last changed a page
  • Wiki-style page history?
  • User management


  • Can only link to subpages using Wiki-type links
  • Possibly a little slow
  • Users can deny themselves permission to pages, only fixable via admin

BogleCMS was designed primarily to allow a simple, hierarchical homepage to be created. Ideally it was intended to be used by a single user or small group of users, and so the multi-user support is fairly basic. When you add a wiki link, the current page becomes it's parent. A "location" section allows your visitors to see where they currently are on your website, further reinforcing the hierarchical layout.

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